School of Excellence offers Traditional Shotokan
Karate classes for all ages

Bushido Karate South Africa affiliates to The Karate Academy of South Africa as our National Style Organisation as well as Karate South Africa.

Bushido Karate South Africa was established in 2010 by Alison McLaren and Brent Evert and they opened their first Dojo at the Lorraine Primary School on 14th July 2010 and Bushido Karate Port Elizabeth was born and it has grown from strength to strength!

On 16th July 2012, almost exactly 2 years to the day, Brent Evert opened Bushido Karate's 2nd Dojo at the 3rd Pinelands Scout hall, and Bushido Karate Cape Town was born!

Bushido Karate South Africa prides ourselves in being one of the top Karate Schools in the country and are proud to have many provincial, national and international champions training at our Dojo's.

We believe that Karate is for everyone, regardless of age or ability!

Karate is a way of life for all who train at Bushido Karate!

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